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Owner / Manager

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Eric Ross

Nick WATkins

Mariah watanabe​​


Creative Director

Goal Graphics looks for unique challenges in every project – small or large – and delivers just the right blend of what a client wants combined with what sells and makes the person/product memorable. Whether you're around the block or around the world, we can help you. And if needed, we can do it in Spanish too!

Together we'll create visually exciting, cost-effective, smart solutions for you.

Contact us today to find out more on how you can achieve your goals!​

OUR Mission:

We provide unique designs that are

both visually dynamic yet environmentally

friendly. We pride ourselves on never 

delivering anything less than perfection 

to our clients. 

Our award winning designers bring passion and enthusiasm to every project. From original designs to complete renovations, we will help you

          SHINE ONLINE !!


Miracle Mile District, 5670 Wilshire Blvd., Studio 1800, Los Angeles, CA, USA   |  +1.682.703.0205  |

Goal Graphics works independently serving clients, companies, ad agencies and design firms to write and implement strategic marketing campaigns. Goal Graphics will help you increase your exposure and assist you with promotion solutions that produce results in these fields: social media presence, branding your identity, advertising, promotions, marketing, graphic page layouts for print campaigns, design consultations for web development all to enhance your overall and online presence. Custom tutoring sessions / demonstration calls available to learn basic social media marketing tools. Services available to administrate, manage, create, share social media business content across all popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and SnapChat. 

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